Company Profile

Established in 1994, Xingtel Xiamen Group Co., Ltd. is a leading OEM, ODM and EMS manufacturer for electronic products from wireless digital video intercom doorbell, senior care with smart sensors, baby or senior monitor, DIY home security, MFi certified accessories, TotallyHandsFreeTM and waterproof Bluetooth speakers to DECT, Amplified phones, 900Mhz, Caller ID phones and other products. 

At Xingtel Group, we have implemented the ISO9001 : 2008 certificated Total Quality Control and ERP System. Xingtel Group also obtained the IECQ QC 080000 : 2012 certificate of Hazardous Substance Process Management and ISO14001 : 2004, the Environmental Management System Certificate. 

The Xingtel Group Building was completed in 2004 -- the milestone year of our 10th anniversary. This sixstorey building has a property size of 40,000 M2 and is well-equipped with modern facilities. 


With almost 24 years manufacturing experiences, Xingtel Group has successfully obtained the MFi Manufacturing Licensees 6.2. By holding the Apple authorized license, Xingtel Group has the full capability to develop, produce high quality Apple MFi lightning connector accessories for both OEM/ODM products.

Our Strengths

● Over 40 PTT Customers over the world.

● Full Range of Cordless and Corded Telephones: VoIP, IAD, DECT (6.0 / 1.8G), WDCT, 900Mhz to Caller ID phones, SMS, TAM ......

● Full Range of Amplified phones and accessories (corded / cordless / GSM).

● iPhone /Galaxy and other mobile related accessory.

● R&D Capability for S/W, H/W, Mechanic & Industrial Design.

● Wide Range of Production Facilities such as SMT, Injection (High Speed), UV Coating and Assembly Lines. 

● OEM, ODM, EMS Available.